Meeting Celebrity-It’s all Part of the Job!

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Is it the charm of meeting celebrities or is it the high paying and high flying work environment or is it the satisfaction that you get while helping and taking care of others that drives you towards this profession of service industry.

air hostess job in kolkata
Whatever maybe the reason for you to choose this career, you should be sure of one thing that this ‘reason’ is everlasting.

air hostess job in kolkata
One thing is very important for anyone who aspires to be a part of this industry, is that, you should be enjoying your work! Everyday for you should be full of excitement, it should be that you are not going to work but you are going to indulge into something that is very enjoyable to you and it should obviously excite you.In order for you to handle the rigours of work, the shifts, problem solving, etc, your attitude has to be like the one stated above for a prosperous and satisfying career.

Hence you should be very sure regarding your attitude and such things needs to be developed under care and guidance.Choosing a training institute that actually develops such qualities in you is the best bet, or the best career making strategy, so start connecting to find out the different ways in which you can be enhanced professionally. Get in touch!

Understanding the Effect of Professional Grooming

“Seeing is believing”, “first impression is the last impression”, etc, all these well known sayings indicates to only one thing and that is the effect grooming has on the different spheres of life.Today we will try and understand the effect personal grooming has on professional spheres.

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An individual with a pleasing personality is respected and appreciated by all. He can easily charm anyone and win people over.

You need to feel good about the way you look
Feeling good is very important factor which molds your confidence level so it is very important that you give adequate attention to this factor when facing challenging situation and for an aspirant like you the most challenging situation would be facing an interview.

So follow the following tips:

Make sure your clothes fit you well. You need to feel comfortable in your dress. Too tight and revealing clothes make you popular at the workplace for all wrong reasons. Nobody bothers to notice you, if you are not sensibly dressed. Formal dressing, if done correctly helps you create the first impression. Remember, you seldom get a second chance.
Donning an expensive business suit will not help, if you are not neat and clean. Here comes the importance of personal grooming. Personal grooming is defined as the art of cleaning and maintaining one’s body parts. Personal grooming is essential for everyone irrespective of the gender and nature of profession. Personal hygiene, if neglected can ruin your personality. Would you feel like speaking to someone who has bad breath or someone who has sweat stains all over his shirt? I am sure the answer would be a big NO. The same goes with others as well. Flaunt your clean, simple yet elegant look.


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Male professionals need to:

Shave Daily/Trim mustache or beard
Comb hair properly
Wear crisp, wrinkle free shirts preferably in subtle colors and well fit trousers in blacks, blues or greys.
Wear a mild perfume

Trim his nails

(Dibakar Ghosh – Student of Applied Professional Training)


Avoid wearing loud colors to work. Casuals, chunky jewelry, stacks of bangles, multiple chains /bracelets are strict no no at workplaces.


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Female professionals need to:

Tie hair in a neat ponytail or bun.
Wear flats to work.
Wear minimal make up
Get rid of facial hair or hair in any other body part(hands, legs, area around the lip)
Smell good
Clean their hands, feet and take care of finger as well as toe nails. Preferably use a transparent nail paint.

(Lalima Mahato – Student of Applied Professional Training)

Maintaining proper grooming standard helps you create a presence that exudes professionalism, leadership, confidence and elegance.

Choosing The Right Air hostess Training Institute

Currently there are many “so called” Airhostess training institute operating in kolkata, out of the melee of options available the idea is to choose the best for yourself.

air hostess training institute in kolkata

Air hostess Training Institute One of the best way to get to know about any , its services and commitments towards its students is to go through the feedback given by its students, both current as well as old ones. Here you have to be careful and must ascertain whether the feedback given is actually given by a genuine students or its a just a paid feedback and at times you can get some negative feedback also but even these negative feedback can be paid ones, like the competition paying to defame a particular institute. So you should be careful. The example shown here is a feedback by a particular student, now how will you check whether she is a genuine student or just a paid feedback, well you can check her history with the institute, like check her pictures and comments in the fanpage of the institute where this feedback is published and if you find her there then she is genuine and her feedback is also genuine.

You will find big brands, claiming to be world’s no.1, etc, but should you really go for such brands – Do a reality check and you will find that most of the students going here are actually following trends, they land up investing a lot of money and hardly get in anything in return except getting demoralized and heartbroken. You should do the check on your own, try and locate some older students, maybe students of previous year and ask them yourselves about their experience – Another thing is that you can check their fanpages – facebook, Instagram, etc, if they are publishing real time pictures of their students and their activities, but be careful do not get fooled by made up stories with paid models as students. Another way to find out is check their reviews, also you will have to be smart while checking the reviews, if you are really, really interested to find out the truth, because not all reviews are genuine, most of the reviews are actually false and paid, it can be a good review or even a bad review, normally competition pays for bad reviews, so check the content of the review and verify it with other sources – Maybe you will get a review like – “Fraud institute, classes are not happening, placements are not happening, etc”, so you check from other resources whether classes are really not happening? Placements are really not happening? as claimed by this review – and if you find that classes are happening! Placements are happening! then this review is a false review and you should simply ignore such review.

The best place to get trained is actually the best place as told by other students mostly passed out students, so its always a wise idea to gather feedback from older passed out students, they will be you best guide, getting feedback from current students is, OK, but they might not give you the correct feedback, maybe because they are afraid or something else, so its ok, if you take feedback from current students but older and passed out students should be preferred, as they would be more vocal, another parameter through which you can check the reputation of the institute is the number of referral admissions the institute is recording, if students are referring other students then it is definitely the place for you, so go get yourself admitted!


All about the Air Hostess Training

One of the many articles that we would be publishing over a period of time to enrich our readers with relevant information.

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Being an Airhostess / Cabin Crew brings with it the glamour of a high flying and a very well paying job, so naturally there are many who aspires to be one.

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Yes even you can join this glamorous and well paying profession of being an Airhostess / Cabin Crew.

However it must be realized by those who dream of being an Airhostess / Cabin Crew is, that just having a dream will not make it come true, there are many things that goes into converting that dream into a reality, lots and lots of hard work, patience and perseverance will be needed and above all a self assessment and a reality check is the most important ingredient here. What is needed is a good guide, a place where you can go and people whom you can trust, people who have a track record and enjoy good reputation among students and aspirants, if you could an institute like this than nothing better or else you are on you own – However through a series of blogs and post we would try our best to guide fresh aspirants, so keep reading our post.

APT – Air Hostess Training Institute in Kolkata

Applied Professional Training was conceptualized in 2010 with the sole aim of providing quality training to air hostess aspirants. There was a dearth of premier air hostess training institutes in Kolkata at an affordable price. Students were not even aware of the career options in the Civil Aviation industry such as Air Hostess, Ground Staff, etc. The growth of Civil Aviation industry has been unprecedented. The civil aviation industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in India for the pas few years. This is due to the fact that Brent Crude has seen one of its lowest price points and thus Air Turbine Fuel (ATF) costs very cheap to the airlines. There have been several low cost carriers who have worked on margins and are dominating the industry, for example, Indigo Airlines. So, to cater to the demands of growing cabin crew professionals APT with renowned faculties from the industry to train and groom students.

Courses Offered:

1. Diploma in Cabin Crew Training (DCCT): It is designed for students who are specifically looking for a career in Civil Aviation industry as an air hostess.

2. Diploma in Advance Service Management (DASM):The training program covers the entire service industry, namely Airlines – Cabin crew, Ground handling, Hotels, Travel and tourism Industry. It is designed for students who are looking to excel in the service industry.

3. Diploma in Airport & Travel Management (DATM): It is designed for students who are specifically looking for a career in India and Abroad as an Airport ground staff, Travel Manager, Tour Operator, Holiday consultant, Tourist Guide, Foreign Exchange Consultant, Visa Documents Officer, etc.

4. Diploma in Hotel Operation & Travel Management (DHOTM): The program caters to candidates aspiring specifically to join the Hospitality and the Travel & Tourism Industry. This training program is scientifically designed in such a way to make the students ready to join any sector of the Hotel and/or the Travel & Tourism Industry.


Training Methodology:

Soft Skills:

1. Effective Communication Skills in English:
The communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal communication, are developed in this section in three phases:
• Grammar Rectification
• Confidence building for Speaking in English – Speech
• Voice and Accent Neutralization Session

2. The Art and Science of Self Grooming:
The students are trained different standards of Self Grooming, like the application of Make-up(for Girls), Identification of skin types, selection of occasion related attire especially for Interview, Individual Diet, weight management etc.

3. Personality Enhancement:
Personality enhancement helps the student to handle and face any situation, be it the nervousness of giving an Interview, tackling an Irate passenger, handling peer pressure or just plain jealousy of friends.

Technical Skills:

Here the candidates are trained on the different aspects of executing one’s job responsibility

1. Cabin Crew:
The candidates are trained in depth on the various aspects of the role of a Cabin Crew through both theoretical and practical sessions.

2. Airport Handling:
The training includes handling of the passengers at the Airport during the various phases of his/her movement at the Airport, like Check-In Counters, Baggage Check, Security, Ramp, etc.

3. Hospitality Management:
The students are trained for the different departments in a hotel viz; Front Office Management, Housekeeping, Services etc, through theoretical and practical sessions.

4. Travel & Tourism Management:
The students are taught in detail the various aspects of the tourism industry, like tourist attraction of different countries, IATA Airport/Airline/Currency Codes, making of tour packages, visa applications and documentation, reservation of Hotels and Airlines, Foreign Exchange, Time zones, Fares, etc.


Since its inception, APT has always focussed on placing the students in the top companies. We have a successful track record of 100% placement across our 6 years of business.

Our students are placed at reputed airlines such as:
• Indigo Airlines
• Jet Airways
• Air India
• Go Air
• Spicejet

The salary package differs across different airlines. You can find out more here.

We also provide placement assistance to candidates until 1 year from the date of course completion.

So you can rest assured that with APT, you will get placed in one of the top airlines in the industry.